South Island

Been awhile since I last posted. Been back in the South Island of New Zealand for the past 4 months. Some 11 years since I was last down this way. 

Everyday I wake up and look out side at the mountains and a warm smile spreads over me. Could this be my first summer since 99? Its leaning that way as work visa's are getting harder and harder to get. 

Something inside me says I will find winter again. It may not be driving a Snow Cat or guiding shredders around the mountains. Something tells me to follow my inner feelings. 

I hope you all enjoy my new images from the past winter. It has been a joy to shoot more and more. Meeting new people. Sharing stories and adventures.I can see my style evolving. In search of the miraculous

Thanks so much for all the positive feed back. It keeps me going. One day I will call myself a photographer. But not quite yet. So much to learn. 

In search of the miraculous


 Queralt Castellet, Backside Air, Cardrona Spring Camp

Queralt Castellet, Backside Air, Cardrona Spring Camp