South Island

Been awhile since I last posted. Been back in the South Island of New Zealand for the past 4 months. Some 11 years since I was last down this way. 

Everyday I wake up and look out side at the mountains and a warm smile spreads over me. Could this be my first summer since 99? Its leaning that way as work visa's are getting harder and harder to get. 

Something inside me says I will find winter again. It may not be driving a Snow Cat or guiding shredders around the mountains. Something tells me to follow my inner feelings. 

I hope you all enjoy my new images from the past winter. It has been a joy to shoot more and more. Meeting new people. Sharing stories and adventures.I can see my style evolving. In search of the miraculous

Thanks so much for all the positive feed back. It keeps me going. One day I will call myself a photographer. But not quite yet. So much to learn. 

In search of the miraculous


 Queralt Castellet, Backside Air, Cardrona Spring Camp

Queralt Castellet, Backside Air, Cardrona Spring Camp

Back from Japan

I have only had time now to reflect on the past 4 months spent in Asia. Most of it was spent in the Ski town called Hirafu. Despite Japan having a low snowfall this past winter, it was still epic. The people of Japan are amazing. I can not say enough. We can all learn from their caring culture. 

Unfortunately I did not get much time to explore Japan as I would of liked to. This leaves me with a desire to come back to this wonderful country and explore the mountains on my own terms. Ideas are following for this. I have a project in mind.


The future is unwritten for me at this point. New adventures a wait. 



I have made it to Japan. Currently I am living in the Northern Island of Hokkaidō. Life here is quite interesting. Very differnt to what I am used to. Back shooting snowboarding both stills and video. Always fun. Quite nice to see my work getting used. It is all small steps. 

 Houses outside of Hirafu

Houses outside of Hirafu


Was lucky enough to catch BRMC in Sydney at the HiFi this past weekend. Epic show . Not to many fotograph's due to enjoying the moment. 

 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club


It's been a long journey to get to this. Putting one's work together in one space is an interesting challenge. I could not of done this without the support of my friends and family. It's really pleasing to hear such amazing comments from you all. It keeps me going. 

Thanks goes out to all my subjects. Those who have put up with me, dragged me out of bed and up to the mountain after a night shift.  Those who have put up with me sticking a camera in front of your face. To all the photographers over the years I have stood beside on various productions, I have learnt a lot from watching. 

To take some words from the great front man, Joe Strummer  - "The future is unwritten".